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Tangential-flow ultrafiltration: a versatile methodology for determination of complexation parameters in refractory organic matter from Brazilian water and soil samples

Romao, LPC; Castro, G. R.; Rosa, A. H.; Rocha, J. C.; Padilha, P. M.; Silva, H. C.
Fonte: Springer Publicador: Springer
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: 1097-1100
Relevância na Pesquisa
In this work the copper(II) complexation parameters of aquatic organic matter, aquatic and soil humic substances from Brazilian were determined using a new versatile approach based on a single-stage tangential-flow ultrafiltration (TF-UF) technique (cut-off 1 kDa) and sensitive atomic spectrometry methods. The results regarding the copper(II) complexation capacity and conditional stability constants obtained for humic materials were compared with those obtained using direct potentiometry with a copper-ion-selective electrode. The analytical procedure based on ultrafiltration is a good alternative to determine the complexation parameters in natural organic material from aquatic and soil systems. This approach presents additional advantages such as better sensibility, applicability for multi-element capability, and its possible to be used under natural conditions when compared with the traditional ion-selective electrode.