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Relationship Between Nutritional Status and Immune Functions in Elderly Pakistani Men; Zusammenhang von Ernährung und Immunfunktionen bei älteren pakistanischen Männern

Alam, Iftikhar
Fonte: Universidade de Tubinga Publicador: Universidade de Tubinga
Tipo: Dissertação
Relevância na Pesquisa
BACKGROUND: The age-associated prevalence of malnutrition (both obesity and underweight) is increasing and becoming a global health problem, such that it has been recognized as a major contributor to causes of immune decline in the elderly. OBJECTIVES: Our first objective was to investigate the prevalence of malnutrition in elderly men in a rural area of a poorly-investigated developing country. The second objective was to elucidate and identify differences in peripheral blood lymphocyte cell surface immune phenotypes and relate them to nutritional status in otherwise healthy obese (OB), overweight (OW) and underweight (UW) compared to normal weight (NW) elderly men. The third objective was to compare the immunological findings obtained here with those known for the elderly in industrialized countries. METHODS: We randomly selected a convenience sample of 548 elderly men for our cross-sectional survey, conducted in the Peshawar Khyber Paktunkhwa area of Pakistan. Clinically healthy subjects were included when they had no history of disease and were not taking any drugs on a chronic basis. All subjects gave written informed consent to participate. Anthropometric measurements were carried out with the subject barefoot, wearing light clothing...