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Valence stabilization of polyvalent ions during gamma irradiation of their aqueous solutions by sacrificial protection. III-Valence stabilization of Fe(II) ions by organic additives

Barakat, M. F.; Abdel Hamid, M. M.
Fonte: Springer Netherlands Publicador: Springer Netherlands
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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Valence stabilization of polyvalent ions in gamma irradiated aqueous solutions is sometimes necessary in some chemical operations. In previous publications, valence stabilization of some polyvalent ions in solution upon gamma irradiation was achieved by using inorganic additives capable of interacting with the oxidizing or reducing species formed during water radiolysis. The results showed that the nature and duration of valence stabilization of Fe(II) depend on the concentration of the inorganic additives used. In the present work, a series of some organic additives has been used to investigate their capability in inducing valence stabilization of polyvalent iron ions, taken as an indicator, in aqueous acidic solutions when subjected to extended gamma irradiation. The results showed that the efficiency of valence stabilization depends on the amount and chemical structure of the organic additive used.