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Bacterial cellulose-silica organic-inorganic hybrids

Barud, H. S.; Assuncao, R. M. N.; Martines, M. A. U.; Dexpert-Ghys, J.; Marques, R. F. C.; Messaddeq, Y.; Ribeiro, S. J. L.
Fonte: Springer Publicador: Springer
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: 363-367
Relevância na Pesquisa
Bacterial cellulose (BC) hydrated membranes present nanometric reticulated structure that can be used as a template in the preparation of new organic-inorganic hybrids. BC-silica hybrids were prepared from BC membranes and tetraethoxysilane, (TEOS) at neutral pH conditions at room temperature. Macroscopically homogeneous membranes were obtained containing up to 66 wt.% of silica spheres, 20-30 nm diameter. Scanning electron micrographs clearly show the silica spheres attached to cellulose microfibrils. By removing the cellulose, the silica spheres can be easily recovered. The new hybrids are stable up to 300 degrees C and display a broad emission band under UV excitation assigned to oxygen-related defects at the silica particles surface. Emission color can be tuned by changing the excitation wavelength.