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Wear mechanisms in functionally graded aluminium matrix composites : effect of the lubrification by an aqueous solution

Gomes, J. R.; Ribeiro, A. R.; Vieira, A. C.; Miranda, A. S.; Rocha, L. A.
Fonte: Trans Tech Publications Publicador: Trans Tech Publications
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em //2005 ENG
Relevância na Pesquisa
Abstract. Functionally graded aluminium matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles are attractive materials for a broad range of engineering applications in the automotive, aircraft, sports, military and aerospace industries, whenever a superior combination of surface and bulk mechanical properties are required. In general, these materials are developed for the production of high wear resistant components. Also, often this kind of mechanical part operates in the presence of aggressive environments, such as marine atmospheres. In this work, aluminium composites with functionally graded properties, obtained by centrifugal cast, are characterised by reciprocating pin-on-plate sliding wear tests against nodular cast iron. Three different volume fractions of SiC reinforcing particles in each functionally graded material were considered. Sliding experiments were performed with and without the presence of a lubricant (3% NaCl aqueous solution). All tests were carried out at room temperature, under a normal load of 10N and constant frequency (1 Hz) and stroke (6 mm). In the case of the lubricated tests, electrochemical parameters (corrosion potential) were monitored during sliding. The worn surfaces as well as the wear debris were characterised by SEM/EDS. Friction values were in the order of 0.42 for unlubricated conditions...