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Home visitors and child health in England: advances and challenges

Fonte: Universidade de São Paulo, Escola de Enfermagem Publicador: Universidade de São Paulo, Escola de Enfermagem
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/12/2011 EN
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There is increasing interest in the early years as a focus for reducing health inequalities as well as one that is important for the children themselves. This paper describes the introduction in England of Sure Start Local Programmes, which included home visiting within a community development approach, and an intensive home visiting programme, the Nurse-Family partnership, for disadvantaged teenage mothers. It reflects on changes and challenges in service provision to mothers and their pre-school children in England, explaining that a long tradition of home visiting was, paradoxically, reduced as attention focused on the newer initiatives. This is now being addressed, with attention to a range of evidence based programmes and a specific focus on heath visitor provision.

Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project: A Community-Based Intervention Targeting Type 2 Diabetes and Its Risk Factors in a First Nations Community

Kakekagumick, Kara E.; Naqshbandi Hayward, Mariam; Harris, Stewart B.; Saksvig, Brit; Gittelsohn, Joel; Manokeesic, Gary; Goodman, Starsky; Hanley, Anthony J.
Fonte: Frontiers Media S.A. Publicador: Frontiers Media S.A.
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em 12/11/2013 EN
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The Sandy Lake Health and Diabetes Project (SLHDP) was initiated in 1991 as a partnership between Sandy Lake First Nation and researchers interested in addressing the high rates of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in the community. Following the expressed wishes of the community, the SLHDP has encompassed a variety of community-wide interventions and activities including: community surveys to document T2DM prevalence and risk factors, the Northern Store program aimed at increasing the availability and knowledge of healthy food options, a home visit program for the prevention and management of T2DM, a local diabetes radio show, a school diabetes curriculum for grades 3 and 4, a community-wide walking trail to encourage increased physical activity, youth diabetes summer camps, and a variety of community events focusing on nutrition and physical activity. Over the 22 year existence of the SLHDP, the community has taken ownership of the program and activities have evolved in alignment with community needs and priorities. This paper discusses the history, implementation, evaluation, and outcomes of the SLHDP and describes its sustainability. The SLHDP is a model of culturally appropriate participatory research that is iterative, with reciprocal capacity building for both key community stakeholders and academic partners.

Practices and perceptions of introductory OHS education in secondary schools: towards a conceptual framework for effective OHS education for young workers.

Jahan, Nasreen
Fonte: Universidade de Adelaide Publicador: Universidade de Adelaide
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Publicado em //2013
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Background. Despite the evidence of significant under-reporting, young workers are over-represented in injury statistics. Possible reasons for higher injury rates include lack of skill due to inexperience, cognitive and emotional immaturity, inadequate training and supervision, and unfamiliarity with working requirements and safe operating procedures. This may also include incomplete physical development for physically demanding work and unsafe behaviours due to peer pressure or risk-taking tendencies. There is a body of evidence indicating an association between occupational health and safety (OHS) training and a lower incidence of workplace injuries, but other research indicates that young workers often receive little or no training. The limited knowledge among young people about workplace hazards, together with inconsistency in the provision of workplace OHS training indicate a need for introductory OHS education in schools. Ideally such education should be complementary to that provided in workplaces, in the community and in the home by parents. Key informants of the situation in schools are the teachers themselves. However, teacher perspectives, as well as parent perspectives have received little attention in the literature. In order to contextualise the issues...

Um estudo do Projeto Escola do Campo - Casas Familiar Rural (1990-2002) do estado do Paraná: a pedagogia da alternância como referencial de permanência; The Project Countryside School Rural Family Home (1990-2002) in the state of Paraná: social capital network and family farm in public policy

Passador, Cláudia Souza
Fonte: Biblioteca Digitais de Teses e Dissertações da USP Publicador: Biblioteca Digitais de Teses e Dissertações da USP
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em 14/03/2003 PT
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O recente processo brasileiro de transição democrática teve como marca inicial, e como fator fundamental de seu dinamismo, a restauração das instituições próprias do estado democrático: a livre organização de partidos políticos, autonomia sindical, liberdade de imprensa, eleições diretas, dentre outras. Tais conquistas, mesmo que em alguns casos não completas e ainda gerando importantes desdobramentos sob a reorganização das instituições democráticas, contribuíram imensamente para o fortalecimento político da sociedade civil. A organização de movimentos sociais direcionados a promover uma maior intervenção dos cidadãos nos processos de gestão da coisa pública, mais especificamente no que diz respeito à utilização dos aparelhos e serviços sociais, representa a fase posterior, na qual o país se insere agora. Este trabalho se propõe a discutir, neste sentido, as potencialidades do capital social no Brasil quanto aos requisitos de cidadania para sua consecução e os seus impactos na área educacional, especificamente através da análise da política pública do Paraná de formação de pequeno agricultor, chamada Projeto Escola do Campo. A pesquisa busca estimular a reflexão sobre esta política educacional relacionada ao conceito de capital social...

Child Labor in Bolivia and Colombia

Patrinos, Harry Anthony; Grootaert, Christiaan
Fonte: World Bank, Washington, DC Publicador: World Bank, Washington, DC
Tipo: Publications & Research :: Brief; Publications & Research
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According to the International Labor Organization, 120 million children work full-time worldwide. Virtually all live in poor countries. Legislation has been passed to ban child labor, but it is not enforced or does not address the root causes of the practices such as low income and the opportunity costs of a child's attending school rather than contributing to household income. "A Four-Country Comparative Study of Child Labor" by Christiaan Grootaert and Harry Anthony Patrinos was presented at the Economics of Child Labor Conference in Oslo, in May 2002. The paper was based on a longer study focused on the labor supply decision by the household and identified the key factors affecting child labor, most notably household size and composition, education and employment status of parents, the household's ability to cope with fluctuations on the supply side, and the functioning of the labor market and the prevailing technologies on the demand side.

Let Workers Move : Using Bilateral Labor Agreements to Increase Trade in Services

Sáez, Sebastián
Fonte: Washington, DC: World Bank Publicador: Washington, DC: World Bank
Tipo: Publications & Research :: Publication; Publications & Research :: Publication
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Unlike the movement of capital, the movement of labor across countries remains highly restricted-despite the huge global returns to international labor mobility. According to one estimate, allowing the temporary migration of skilled and unskilled workers equivalent to 3 percent of the workforces of the world's developed countries would increase global welfare by more than US$156 billion a year. The objective of this book is to identify and discuss possible options for increasing services trade through the temporary movement of people, as a complement, not a substitute, to what can be achieved at the World Trade Organization (WTO), regional, and bilateral levels through trade agreement. Bilateral labor agreements (BLAs) could play a complementary role provided they are designed with the aim of promoting services trade through the temporary movement of people and fulfill specific requirements, including requirements that ensure temporariness. In general, such agreements have not been designed to promote trade in services; they have traditionally been tailored to facilitate or manage labor migration flows. The book is divided into two parts. Chapters one to three assess what has been achieved so far in trade agreements in terms of the temporary movement of services providers. They also discuss the pros and cons of using BLAs as possible channels for the expansion of trade in services. Chapter's four to eight use case studies to examine the viability and performance of BLAs as a complement to other efforts to liberalize the temporary movement of people. They are based on the experiences of sending and receiving countries in Europe...

Perceptions et attentes d’enseignants du primaire et de parents d’élèves à risque à l’égard de la collaboration école-famille dans l’élaboration des plans d’intervention

Pagé, Céline
Fonte: Université de Montréal Publicador: Université de Montréal
Tipo: Thèse ou Mémoire numérique / Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
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Dans le contexte actuel de l’éducation, l’enfant est davantage placé au cœur des relations entre la famille, l’école et la communauté, et les parents sont invités à accompagner leur enfant tout au long de son parcours scolaire. Quant aux enseignants, ils sont conviés à collaborer de façon systématique avec les familles. La collaboration entre les enseignants et les parents devient donc une condition essentielle à la réussite scolaire des élèves, notamment avec ceux qui éprouvent des difficultés d’apprentissage. Actuellement, dans nos écoles, la collaboration se situe principalement au niveau des communications obligatoires de base prescrites par le Régime pédagogique. En ce sens, Kalubi et Lesieux (2006) soulignent que le partenariat tant souhaité dans les documents officiels des ministères concernés ne transparaît pas toujours dans les pratiques quotidiennes. D’ailleurs, la littérature scientifique montre qu’il existe de nombreux obstacles liés à la collaboration école-famille-communauté, tout particulièrement lorsqu’il s’agit d’entretenir des relations harmonieuses avec les parents d’élèves à risque. À cet égard, une plus grande participation parentale est sollicitée en vue d’intensifier la collaboration entre l’école et la famille. Effectivement...

Bilhetes reais e/ou virtuais : uma análise construtivista da comunicação entre escola e família; Real and/or virtual schoolNotes : a constructivist analysis of communication between school and family

Sandra Cristina de Carvalho Dedeschi
Fonte: Biblioteca Digital da Unicamp Publicador: Biblioteca Digital da Unicamp
Tipo: Dissertação de Mestrado Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em 27/06/2011 PT
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Trata-se de uma pesquisa de caráter misto em que foram utilizados os métodos quantitativo e qualitativo, tendo como objetivo geral: analisar, à luz da teoria construtivista, os conteúdos e as implicações dos bilhetes que a escola envia para a família. Quanto aos objetivos específicos, a intenção foi: caracterizar a estrutura dos enviados aos pais para informar as ocorrências no espaço escolar; verificar as semelhanças e as diferenças dos conteúdos e da estrutura presentes nos 'bilhetes' enviados aos pais de alunos do 2º, 5º e 8º anos do Ensino Fundamental; comparar mecanismos de comunicação escrita na escola particular e na pública. A amostra foi formada por seis turmas, sendo três da escola pública e três da particular. Os dados foram coletados a partir de duas estratégias principais: recolhimento dos documentos enviados pelas escolas para a comunicação com os familiares e realização de entrevistas semiestruturadas, baseadas no método clínico. Para as entrevistas, foram selecionados aproximadamente 25% dos estudantes de cada classe, sendo uma metade daqueles considerados "disciplinados" e outra dos "indisciplinados". Foram entrevistados os demais sujeitos envolvidos no processo de comunicação: pais ou responsáveis...

The Impact of the Student Teaching Internship on Preservice Teachers' Beliefs about the Importance of Home-School Partnership Activities and on Their Teaching Self-Efficacy

Rosenthal, Amy Roth
Fonte: University of Florida; University of Florida ( [Gainesville, Fla.] ) Publicador: University of Florida; University of Florida ( [Gainesville, Fla.] )
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: 1 online resource (13 p.)
Publicado em //2014 ENGLISH
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Use of Mobile Learning by Resident Physicians in Botswana

Chang, Aileen Y.; Ghose, Sankalpo; Littman-Quinn, Ryan; Anolik, Rachel B.; Kyer, Andrea; Mazhani, Loeto; Seymour, Anne K.; Kovarik, Carrie L.
Fonte: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publicador: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em /01/2012 EN
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With the growth of mobile health in recent years, learning through the use of mobile devices (mobile learning [mLearning]) has gained recognition as a potential method for increasing healthcare providers' access to medical information and resources in resource-limited settings. In partnership with the University of Botswana School of Medicine (SOM), we have been exploring the role of smartphone-based mLearning with resident (physicians in specialty training) education. The SOM, which admitted its first class of medical students and residents in 2009, is committed to providing high-level on-site educational resources for resident physicians, even when practicing in remote locations. Seven residents were trained to use an Android-based myTouch 3G smartphone equipped with data-enabled subscriber identity module (SIM) cards and built-in camera. Phones contained locally loaded point-of-care and drug information applications, a telemedicine application that allows for the submission of cases to local mentors, and e-mail/Web access. Surveys were administered at 4 weeks and 8 weeks following distribution of phones. We found that smartphones loaded with point-of-care tools are effectively utilized by resident physicians in resource-limited settings...

Reading Between the Lines of Teaching and Learning

Avonce, Maria Isabel
Fonte: FIU Digital Commons Publicador: FIU Digital Commons
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Some students lack reading skills due to biological or environmental factors. Accordingly, in my role as an educator, I would like to know if Dialogic Reading Strategies can help Spanish speaking caregivers to facilitate an interactive reading routine at home with their child.

Home visitors and child health in England: advances and challenges; Visitantes domiciliarios y salud infantil en Inglaterra: avances y desafíos; Visitadores domiciliares e saúde infantil na Inglaterra: avanços e desafios

Cowley, Sarah
Fonte: Universidade de São Paulo. Escola de Enfermagem Publicador: Universidade de São Paulo. Escola de Enfermagem
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/article; info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion; Artigo Avaliado pelos Pares Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em 01/12/2011 ENG
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There is increasing interest in the early years as a focus for reducing health inequalities as well as one that is important for the children themselves. This paper describes the introduction in England of Sure Start Local Programmes, which included home visiting within a community development approach, and an intensive home visiting programme, the Nurse-Family partnership, for disadvantaged teenage mothers. It reflects on changes and challenges in service provision to mothers and their pre-school children in England, explaining that a long tradition of home visiting was, paradoxically, reduced as attention focused on the newer initiatives. This is now being addressed, with attention to a range of evidence based programmes and a specific focus on heath visitor provision.; Existe un creciente interés en los años tempranos de la infancia para reducir inequidades de salud, tratándose de algo de alto impacto para los propios niños. Este artículo describe la introducción en Inglaterra de los Sure Start Local Programmes (Programas Locales de Inicio Seguro), los cuales incluyen visitas domiciliarias insertas en una aproximación al desarrollo comunitario, y un programa intensivo de visitas, el Nurse-Family partnership (Asociación Enfermera-Familia)...

What do parents really want? Parents' perceptions of their children's schooling

Meier,Corinne; Lemmer,Eleanor
Fonte: South African Journal of Education Publicador: South African Journal of Education
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/05/2015 EN
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International evidence confirms that parental involvement has substantial benefits for families and schools, as well as long-term economic benefits for developed and developing countries. To implement sound parental involvement two-way communication between home and school is essential. Schools worldwide tend to focus on communication from the school to the home, and afford parents fewer opportunities to express their perceptions of the quality of schooling. However, researcher-based, national and international surveys of parent opinion indicate that school endeavours to improve learner outcomes depend to a large extent on the data provided by parents. This article examines parents' perceptions of their child's schooling, gathered by means of an annual questionnaire administered in a public primary school in Gauteng, South Africa. A researcher-designed questionnaire administered annually over two consecutive years (2012 and 2013) was used to gauge parents' opinions of school culture, home-school communication, classroom instruction and classroom organisation. The results indicate that parents were generally satisfied with all four areas. However, parents indicated concerns about reporting on an individual learner's progress, academic achievement...

Effective home-school partnership: Some strategies to help strengthen parental involvement

Okeke,Chinedu I
Fonte: South African Journal of Education Publicador: South African Journal of Education
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/03/2014 EN
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The primary aim of the study from which this paper derives was to investigate the level of parental involvement in the schooling of their children. The study employed a descriptive case study research design. All data were based on unstructured interviews with the 30 parents whose children attended one of the primary schools located in the London area of England, United Kingdom. The results of the study showed that parents care about their children's education, and want to get involved. However, results also showed that most parents do not always know how to get involved, and some are even intimidated by the operational structures within the school. The study concludes that to effectively involve parents in the affairs of the school, as well as in their children's education, certain strategies must be popularised within the school. It is recommended that parents be made aware of the strategies for their involvement in children's education if such strategies are to be effective.