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Para além das fronteiras e dos limites: adolescentes migrantes marroquinos entre desejo, vulnerabilidade e risco

Vacchiano, Francesco
Fonte: Faculdade de Saúde Pública, Universidade de São Paulo Publicador: Faculdade de Saúde Pública, Universidade de São Paulo
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Publicado em //2014 POR
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This contribution analyzes and discusses the case of the migration of “unaccompanied” children and adolescents between Morocco and Europe. This analysis was originally presented as a contribution to the Project “Anthropology of Interfaces” (FCT/CAPES). The article examines the ways in which young migrants give meaning to the world and to the experience of mobility, in an attempt to explore the construction of the youth’s experience between contemporary global and (g)local worlds of experience and meaning. The theoretical perspective inspiring the study lies at the intersection of anthropology, psychology and migration studies and is based on the concept of subjectivity, understood as a form of orientation to the world and embodiment of historically and politically defined norms, values and meaning. This orientation influences the imagination and defines specific forms of thinking, acting, speaking, suffering and giving meaning to existence. The article shows that the subjective construction of postcolonial youth and their families is moulded upon a globally-fashioned “desire for modernity and participation”, which clashes with the normative process imposed by the new “discipline of the borders” in Europe, manifested through the bureaucratic and administrative procedures of the so-called “reception”. The combination of these two dynamics concurs in producing the experience of marginality and the following risk also in terms of “disposition to be sanctioned”. Conclusions delve into the paradox of a process in which young migrants are pushed back to the prescribed marginal place in the world which the infringement of the border had tried to subvert.; Este contributo analisa e discute o caso da migração de crianças e adolescentes “não acompanhados” entre Marrocos e Europa...

Making Minds Modern: The Politics of Psychology in the British Empire, 1898-1970

Linstrum, Erik
Fonte: Harvard University Publicador: Harvard University
Tipo: Thesis or Dissertation
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This dissertation describes how innovations in the science of mind -- laboratory measurements, psychoanalysis, and mental testing -- changed the ideas and institutions of British imperialism. Psychology did not function as a tool of empire in any straightforward way: in many cases, the knowledge it generated called racial stereotypes into question, uncovered the traumatic effects of British rule, and drew unflattering contrasts between the hierarchical values of imperialism and an idealized vision of meritocracy. Psychology did, however, strengthen the authority of Western experts to intervene in other cultures. While they kept their distance from the political culture of officials and settlers, psychologists embraced a modernizing mission, arguing that knowledge of abilities and emotions could make colonized societies fairer and more efficient. The development projects which defined the postwar and postcolonial periods -- usually seen as the golden age of abstract, impersonal, "high modernist" planning -- relied in significant ways on the measurement and management of minds.; History

Different walks for different talks: finding the meaningful in electroacoustic music

Hagan, Kerry L
Fonte: University of Limerick Publicador: University of Limerick
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/conferenceObject; all_ul_research; ul_published_reviewed
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peer-reviewed; This paper is predicated on the argument that searching for the meaningful in electroacousticmusic is to use different means for different pieces, while remaining situated within the historical context of electroacoustic music. The important factors here are, first, that themeaningful in music is different than meaning in music, and, second, that methods for examining the meaningful in electroacoustic music can be quite different than the means of investigating the meaningful in acoustic music.Looking for meaning in music, in general, leads to two main problems: trying to interpret inherent meaning and/or trying to find a generalised model applicable to all music. Postcolonial theory and cultural theory show that meaning also comes from historical context, cultural tropes and power relationships of hegemony and subjugation, so it is not entirely inherent to the music. Most theorists apply their models to pre-20th century, conventionally notated, Western music. These models break down with the experimentalism of the 20th century and the introduction of non- notated or unconventionally notated music. Therefore, these models are not generally applicable, and it is especially true for non-notated musics.Looking for the meaningful in music provides a beneficial vagueness that does not require the definitive conclusions of meaning but...

Comics carnet : the graphic novelist as global nomad

Bader, Edward.
Fonte: Brock University Publicador: Brock University
Tipo: Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
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An interdisciplinary approach is used to identify a new graphic novel genre, 'comics camet', and its key features. The study situates comics camet in a historical context and shows it to be the result of a cross-pollination between the American and French comics traditions. Comics camet incorporates features from other literary genres: journalism, autobiography, ethnography and travel writing. Its creators, primarily European rriales, document their experiences visiting countries that Europe has traditionally defined as belonging to the 'East'. A visual and narrative analysis, using theoretical perspectives derived from cultural and postcolonial studies, examines how comics camet represents the non-European other and identifies the genre's ideological assumptions. Four representative texts are examined: Joe Sacco's Palestine (2001), Craig Thompson's, Camet de Voyage (2004), Guy Delisle's Pyongyang (2005) and Mrujane Satrpi's Persespolis 2 (2004). The study concludes that the comics camet genre simultaneously reinforces and challenges stereotypical assumptions about non-European people and places.

Mélancolie postcoloniale : relecture de la mémoire collective et du lieu d'appartenance identitaire chez Patrick Chamoiseau et Émile Ollivier

Hiromatsu, Isao
Fonte: Université de Montréal Publicador: Université de Montréal
Tipo: Thèse ou Mémoire numérique / Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
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La présente thèse vise à analyser le thème de la mélancolie postcoloniale et son utilisation stratégique dans huit romans de Patrick Chamoiseau (Solibo Magnifique, Texaco, Biblique des derniers gestes et Un dimanche au cachot) et d’Émile Ollivier (Mère-Solitude, Passages, Les urnes scellées et La Brûlerie). Sous l’éclairage de la psychanalyse et de la critique postcoloniale, nous définissons cette notion fondamentale comme suit : un psychisme ambivalent entraîné par la perte ou le manque de certains objets d’attachement ––– objets qui sont en l’occurrence la mémoire collective et/ou le lieu d’appartenance identitaire. Comment et pourquoi ce thème se manifeste-t-il dans notre corpus ? Notre hypothèse est que l’utilisation dudit thème serait plus le résultat de leur choix stratégique que l’effet de leur état psychique. C’est afin d’examiner leurs propres problématiques des construction et perception identitaires dans le contexte postcolonial que ces écrivains mettent en récit une telle situation de manque mnémonique et spatial à travers l’écriture romanesque. Afin de mieux élucider la manifestation textuelle de ce thème, nous divisons celui-ci en deux motifs : la « non-histoire » et le « non-lieu ». En nous appuyant principalement sur les réflexions d’Édouard Glissant...

De la cultural translation a la philosophie de la traduction

Basalamah, Salah
Fonte: Universidade Autônoma de Barcelona Publicador: Universidade Autônoma de Barcelona
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /2013/2012 FRA
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La Cultural Translation constitue une sorte de point d’articulation entre la traductologie et plusieurs autres disciplines qu’elle recoupe et dont elle émane en même temps (l’anthropologie, les Cultural Studies, les Postcolonial Studies et la philosophie entre autres). Prenant en compte l’oeuvre de Ladmiral (1989, 1992 et 2011) ainsi que la récente résurgence de ce concept dans la discipline à travers le forum pour le moins animé de la revue Translation Studies (2009-2010), le présent article vise à montrer comment la Cultural Translation permet également de faire office de passerelle en vue de la formulation d’une « philosophie de la traduction » à partir de la traductologie et de l’identification de ses objets. À la suite de Ricoeur (1992 et 2004), il s’agit de de penser la traduction comme un « paradigme philosophique » et de proposer un droit de cité à l’étude réflexive des objets les plus abstraits de la transformation traductive sans pour autant évacuer les dimensions linguistiques et discursives.; Cultural Translation is a kind of juncture between Translation Studies and several other disciplines it both intersects with and originates from (Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies and Philosophy...

El Fin del manicomio en los tiempos del neoliberalismo construcción y problematización de la desinstitucionalización psiquiátrica /

Vaccari Jiménez, Pamela
Fonte: [Bellaterra] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Publicador: [Bellaterra] : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
Tipo: Tesis i dissertacions electròniques; info:eu-repo/semantics/doctoralThesis Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em //2014 SPA; SPA
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El presente trabajo se centra en la temática de la desinstitucionalización psiquiátrica, proceso a través del cual se cambia la atención de salud mental desde un enfoque asilar manicomial a otro abierto, ambulatorio y en la comunidad. Se exploran los antecedentes que han permitido que esta forma de atención se esté desarrollando en diversos países de occidente. En particular, se analiza el caso de la reforma ocurrida en Chile desde el año 2000 bajo los lineamientos del Plan Nacional de Salud Mental y Psiquiatría. Se reflexiona en torno a las dificultades de su implementación y a partir de ello se realiza un trabajo de problematización, para conocer si la forma que toma la desinstitucionalización psiquiátrica, en los marcos del contexto neoliberal, es una vía adecuada en pos de mejorar la atención en salud mental y la calidad de vida de las personas que utilizan estos servicios. Para ello se indaga en la construcción que realizan sobre la misma, personas con diagnóstico psiquiátrico, familiares y miembros de los equipos de salud mental entre las regiones Metropolitana y Bío-Bío respectivamente. Utilizando como directriz una epistemología crítica, que toma elementos del construccionismo social, la psicología social crítica...

Para além das fronteiras e dos limites: adolescentes migrantes marroquinos entre desejo, vulnerabilidade e risco; Beyond borders and limits: Moroccan migrating adolescents between desire, vulnerability and risk

Vacchiano, Francesco
Fonte: Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública Publicador: Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública
Tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/article; info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersion; ; ; Formato: application/pdf; application/pdf
Publicado em 01/03/2014 POR; ENG
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Este contributo analisa e discute o caso da migração de crianças e adolescentes “não acompanhados” entre Marrocos e Europa, aprofundado e utilizado como caso de estudo no projeto “Antropologia de interfaces” (FCT/CAPES). O trabalho prende-se em particular à análise das formas de atribuir sentido ao mundo e à mobilidade, na tentativa de explorar a construção da vivência dos jovens migrantes na relação entre mundo global e mundos (g)locais de experiência e significado. A perspetiva teórica que inspira esta análise situa-se na interseção entre antropologia, psicologia e estudos migratórios e fundamenta-se no conceito de subjetividade, entendida como forma de orientação ao mundo e incorporação de normas, estruturas de valor e de significado, histórica e politicamente definidas, que influenciam o imaginário e a representação, definindo as maneiras especificas de pensar, agir, falar, sofrer e dar sentido à existência. O estudo salienta como a construção subjetiva dos jovens pós-coloniais e das suas famílias é orientada por um “desejo de modernidade e participação” de matriz global que choca-se com os processos normativos impostos pela nova disciplina das fronteiras europeia, manifesta nos procedimentos burocráticos e administrativos do chamado “acolhimento”. A combinação dessas duas dinâmicas concorre para produzir a experiência de marginalidade e o risco consequente...

A critical psychology of the postcolonial

Hook, Derek
Fonte: London School of Economics and Political Science Research Publicador: London School of Economics and Political Science Research
Tipo: Article; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em //2005 EN; EN
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Of the theoretical resources typically taken as the underlying foundations of critical social psychology, elements, typically, each of Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, and Post-Structuralism, one particular mode of critique remains notably absent: postcolonial theory. What might be the most crucial contributions that postcolonial critique can make to the project of critical psychology? One answer is that of a reciprocal forms of critique, the retrieval of a ‘psychopolitics’ in which we not only place the psychological within the register of the political, but - perhaps more challengingly - in which the political is also, strategically, approached through the register of the psychological. What the writings of Fanon and Biko make plain in this connection is the degree to which the narratives and concepts of the social psychological may be reformulated so as to fashion a novel discourse of resistance, one that opens up new avenues for critique for critical psychology, on one hand, and that affords an innovative set of opportunities for the psychological investigation of the vicissitudes of the postcolonial, on the other

Fanonian ambivalence: on psychoanalysis and postcolonial critique

Hook, Derek; Truscott, Ross
Fonte: American Psychological Association Division 24 (Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology) Publicador: American Psychological Association Division 24 (Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology)
Tipo: Article; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em //2013 EN; EN
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In this article the place of psychoanalysis in thinking about postcolonial subjectivities is considered, and reference is made to the contemporary South African situation. The article is divided into two sections. First, it is shown that, with its attention to the unconscious, to the past and its disguised repetition, psychoanalysis is especially attuned to the displaced routes of colonial desire after the end of official colonial (or apartheid) rule. The second section then considers Frantz Fanon’s strategic deployment of psychoanalysis, focusing on the way Fanon reworked key psychoanalytic concepts in Black Skin, White Masks, emphasizing what he referred to as “sociogeny,” the way colonial neuroses are produced out of an internalization—or “epidermalization” in Fanon’s terms—of racist social structure. The argument made is that psychoanalysis must, if it is to be a part of a critical frame for postcolonial subjectivities, be rendered not only instrument but also object of analysis, a part of the very social structure toward which Fanon shifted his attention. Psychoanalysis is adept at throwing into relief repetitions of the colonial past. Nonetheless, psychoanalytic thinking, pervasive in a postapartheid context—that is...

Book review: A critical psychology of the postcolonial: the mind of apartheid

Campbell, Catherine
Fonte: Routledge Publicador: Routledge
Tipo: Article; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em //2012 EN; EN
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Future directions for a critical social psychology of racism/antiracism

Howarth, Caroline; Hook, Derek
Fonte: London School of Economics and Political Science Research Publicador: London School of Economics and Political Science Research
Tipo: Article; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em /10/2005 EN; EN
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A variety of possible future directions for a critical psychology of racism/antiracism may assist us in avoiding the trappings of conceptual/methodological homogeneity and disciplinary insularity. Greater reference to the literature of fiction, to the epistemological domain of the aesthetic, may benefit us given that it permits different positionings, imaginings and modes of self-reflection than afforded within the strict truth-conditions of mainstream social science practice. We stand also to profit from greater attention to personal experience and to the embodied materiality of everyday life, powerful themes in the oft-neglected Black Consciousness tradition of critique. Likewise, a renewed focus on subjectification. This is particularly pressing for critical social psychology given that certain of the formative conditions of the subject subjectivity may be taken to predate psychological subjectivity; without an adequate engagement with such factors (sociality, materiality, the bodily, the historical) we fail to apprehend the psychic life of power. Lastly, an innovative and critically effective social psychology of racism/antiracism cannot neglect the collaborative opportunities afforded by cultural studies, postcolonial criticism and contemporary social theory. The concepts of performativity...

Re-politicizing race in community development: Using postcolonial psychology and Photovoice methods for social change

Fonte: Psychology in Society Publicador: Psychology in Society
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/01/2013 EN
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How far can community development lead to transformative social change within the context of global north-south development agendas? Drawing on the works of Frantz Fanon and Steve Biko, this article explores the possibilities of postcolonial psychology for community-based change. Findings from a youth intervention based on Photovoice methods and involving 51 young people from four urban communities in Sub-Saharan Africa reveal that racial identity, self-determination, and social inequality remain key concerns. The paper discusses the advantages and limitations of postcolonial psychology for mobilising communities towards change and the role of participatory action research methods such as Photovoice for marginalised communities to gain widespread recognition and promote transformative action in a globalised context.

A new direction in scholarship in postcolonial psychology

Fonte: Psychology in Society Publicador: Psychology in Society
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica Formato: text/html
Publicado em 01/01/2013 EN
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