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Modelo de planejamento baseado no conceito do last planner como apoio à implementação da lean construction em obras de edificações

Chibinski, Murilo
Fonte: Curitiba Publicador: Curitiba
Tipo: Dissertação de Mestrado
Relevância na Pesquisa
The Lean Construction (Lightweight Construction) is a construction philosophy that seeks to reduce the resources needed for the production and the optimization of production processes. The growth of the construction industry, the shortage of manpower and equipment and the need for programming of materials in advance, are reasons that encourage the search for a planning model that allows the reading of the strategic operational plan information. The goal is to demonstrate that a planning model developed with actions and targeted planning techniques by the Last Planner (planning) contribute in the implementation of Lean Construction. With pre supposed that these techniques, when applied, can result in the reduction of time, labour and cost. The search here was exposed through a theoretical and exploratory research method seeking to create a planning model that establishes a clear view of the hierarchy of different levels of management in planning contributes to increased efficiency of the planning system, since the sector has adapted concepts, methods and techniques of industrial environments that differ from the context of the activity that gave rise to the technique just producing a system inadequate and low effectiveness. The planning model formed through a WBS (work breakdown structure project partition)...