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Bioindicators of Forest Sustainability: Progress Report

Sampson, P. H.; Mohammed, G. H.; Colombo, S. J.; Noland, T. L.; Miller, J. R.; Zarco-Tejada, Pablo J.
Fonte: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Publicador: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
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Measurable indicators are needed to gauge the effects of management activities and natural phenomena on forest sustainability. To meet this need, the Bioindicators of Forest Sustainability Project is testing physiological approaches to develop a Forest Condition Rating (FCR) system. An FCR system would directly support provincial policy (e.g., Forest Resource Assessment Policy) and national initiatives (e.g., Criteria and Indicators) by providing an understanding of ecosystem condition. Furthermore, this project addresses a pressing need for indicators that can support operational forest management and possible concerns of sustainability at the local level. Development of an FCR system involves interpreting remotely sensed spectral information with the aid of ground-based assessments of structural and functional (i.e., physiological) aspects of forest condition. Analysis of this spectral information may reveal indicators of health across a wide range of tree species and ages. Current research activities include controlled laboratory studies, ground-based field assessments and acquisition of hyperspectral airborne data to develop gradients in key spectral features that correspond to actual differences in physiology. This report provides first-year progress results. Preliminary correlations in controlled experiments have been made between leaf-based spectral reflectance and physiological status. Compilation of a leaf-based spectral database has been initiated. The database shows the influence of species...