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Some issues on Bibliometrics

Gouveia, Luís Borges
Fonte: Universidade Fernando Pessoa Publicador: Universidade Fernando Pessoa
Tipo: Aula
Publicado em 04/12/2013 ENG
Relevância na Pesquisa
Apresentação no Workshop “Some issues on Bibliometrics: the way I would like to be helped as a University Professor”, organizado pela Biblioteca da Universidade Fernando Pessoa. O Workshop teve lugar na sala P0.2 e decorreu no dia 04 de dezembro de 2013, entre as 10:00 e as 12:00h.; Some issues on Bibliometrics… The availability of digital based information services and the growing number of Web based tools provide new ways to deal with quantitative analysis and statistics to describe publication patterns, authors or journals impact and its influence and weight for R&D (or as placed now R&I) evaluation and even funding. In a changing world of higher education where research and scientific production is getting more and more a global comparison bias, university staff support to harness their efforts and maximize results is more strategic. The presentation provides a personal report on the context, the challenges and current common restrictions felt when dealing with such issues. Additionally, a number of ongoing activities and Internet tools are presented as the rise of Altmetrics and the use of Internet based tools for reputations and cross reference management, including individual research identifiers as ORCID.