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Congeniality of reading on digital devices: Measurement and analysis of reader experience

Voorhees, Garret
Fonte: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia Publicador: Rochester Instituto de Tecnologia
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado
Relevância na Pesquisa
Reading on digital devices is becoming increasingly common. Large markets have developed for both physical reading devices and web-based reading platforms. Each device and platform offers distinct features and supposed advantages, but the experience of reading a printed book is still considered superior by some reviewers. This study sought to identify the strengths and weaknesses of digital reading and to determine whether, or how, design factors influence the reader's experience. An initial evaluation of digital reading devices identified the most common form factors and established parameters to be evaluated by testing subjects in subsequent surveys. Two surveys were conducted, which involved subjects reading texts on various platforms. The subjects were students, faculty or staff of the Rochester Institute of Technology. The first survey, conducted in the RIT Cary Collection, concentrated on physical devices. The devices selected were an Apple iPad, laptop computer, Apple iPod Touch and Amazon Kindle, with a paper booklet representing traditional reading media. Nineteen subjects read a short story on each device and evaluated their experience on a paper questionnaire. Subjects were asked to identify strengths, weaknesses and difficulties encountered with the interfaces. While reading...