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XATA 2010 XML : associated technologies and applications

Simões, Alberto; Cruz, Daniela da; Ramalho, José Carlos
Fonte: Universidade do Minho Publicador: Universidade do Minho
Tipo: Livro
Publicado em 19/05/2010 ENG
Relevância na Pesquisa
These are the proceedings for the eighth national conference on XML, its Associated Technologies and its Applications (XATA'2010). The paper selection resulted in 33% of papers accepted as full papers, and 33% of papers accepted as short papers. While these two types of papers were distinguish during the conference, and they had different talk duration, they all had the same limit of 12 pages. We are happy that the selected papers focus both aspects of the conference: XML technologies, and XML applications. In the first group we can include the articles on parsing and transformation technologies, like “Processing XML: a rewriting system approach", “Visual Programming of XSLT from examples", “A Refactoring Model for XML Documents", “A Performance based Approach for Processing Large XML Files in Multicore Machines", “XML to paper publishing with manual intervention" and “Parsing XML Documents in Java using Annotations". XML-core related papers are also available, focusing XML tools testing on “Test::XML::Generator: Generating XML for Unit Testing" and “XML Archive for Testing: a benchmark for GuessXQ". XML as the base for application development is also present, being discussed on different areas, like “Web Service for Interactive Products and Orders Configuration"...