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The study of ternary carbides formation during SPS consolidation process in the WC-Co-steel system

MACHADO, Izabel Fernanda; GIRARDINI, Luca; LONARDELLI, Ivan; MOLINARI, Alberto
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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Tungsten carbide has a wide range of applications, mainly cemented carbides made of WC and Co, as wear resistant materials. However, the high cost of WC-Co powders encourages the use of a substrate to manufacture a functionally graded material (FGM) tool made of WC-Co and a tool steel. These materials join the high wear resistance of the cemented carbide and the toughness of the steel. This work deals with the study interaction of the WC-Co and H13 steel to design a functionally graded material by means of spark plasma sintering (SPS). The SPS, a novel sintering technique reaching the consolidation of the powders at relatively low temperatures and short dwell times, is a promising technique in processing materials. In this study, WC, H13 steel, WC-Co, WC-H13 steel and WC-Co-H13 steel bulk samples were investigated using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques to evaluate the phase transformations involved during SPS consolidation process. The W(2)C and W(3)Fe(3)C precipitation were identified after the SPS consolidation of the WC and WC-H13 steel samples, respectively. The precipitation Of W(4)Co(2)C was also identified in the WC-Co and WC-Co-H13 steel samples. The WC-H 13 steel and WC-Co-H13 steel were also evaluated after heat treatments at 1100 degrees C for 9 h...