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CAPPLE: Explorando los PLE de los futuros profesionales

Prendes Espinosa, Mª Paz
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Para citar: Prendes, M.P. (2013). CAPPLE: Explorando los PLE de los futuros profesionales. En L. Castañeda y J. Adell (Eds.), Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje: Claves para el ecosistema educativo en red (pp. 173-175). Alcoy: Marfil.

Analysis Of The Future Professionals' Ples As Lifelong Learning Basic Skill: Presenting The Capple Project

Prendes Espinosa, Mª Paz; Castañeda, Linda
Fonte: Universidade de Múrcia Publicador: Universidade de Múrcia
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In this paper we want to present the CAPPLE Project, a research project centred on the exploration and understanding of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). In understanding PLEs one can find out a deficit in fundamental research concerning the structure and composition of learners PLE in higher education. The CAPPLE Project addresses this issue by describing and analysing the prospects for the personal learning environments (PLEs) of future Spanish professionals. It includes the analysis of this in technical, functional and graphical terms. The project is looking for the PLEs of the Spanish professionals with potentially an immediate incorporation into the labour market of every area of knowledge, in other words, senior students in Spanish universities. The main goal is not just to describe those PLEs, but trying to explore the underlying trends and models and, at the same time, discover the implications of these conclusions in the education in general and in the Spanish Higher Education Institutions, in particular. For its purposes, the project is using a mixed methodological approach in which that is going to apply a variety of research methods (expert discussions, survey, workshops, diagram analysis, and so on) in order to provide a strong research perspective that could guarantee the more solid research as possible. CAPPLE project in its first version is working with fundings from the National Ministry of Economy and Sustainability for three years (2013-2016. project reference EDU2012-33256). Therefore...