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The Problem of Ideology. In Praise of Fantasies; El problema de la ideología. Elogio de las fantasías; O problema da Ideologia. Elogio das fantasias

González-Montero, Sebastián Alejandro; Universidad de La Salle
Fonte: Universidad de la Sabana Publicador: Universidad de la Sabana
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Relevância na Pesquisa
In regards to Ideology we redeem two issues for the formulation of the problem on political subjection, and the role that language plays on it — without reduction to the exploitation in the production and without resource of the authority legitimacy. The first issue refers to the question for an ideological interpellation, having already set the concern to characterize the effects of language. Intuition comes from the idea of ideological State’s apparatuses in the suggestion that there is a power of the language concerning the promotion of practices in individuals and groups. The theme of an ideological interpellation connects with the spectrum of procedures by which it is achieved that people reproduce socially characterized behaviors (a ritual interaction that corresponds to the way in which beliefs are ideologically furthered in the individuals that are manifested in acts). The second aspect has to do with the presumption that it is possible to narrow the difference in nature between language and reality in remission to a complex materialistic perspective. The ‘speakable’, that which can be uttered or expressed with sense and effectiveness, is located between the reality of the outside world and the inter-subjective behavior in what would be the real encounter of the individuals and the field of the words and signs that circulate among us (Ideology). It does not state that that which is speakable is exactly real...