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Configuration management for expert system development: application to the MK92 prototype Maintenance Advisor Expert System

Metzler, Paul Gregory.
Fonte: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School Publicador: Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
Tipo: Tese de Doutorado Formato: 187 p. :|bill.
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The Naval Postgraduate School In conjunction with Port Hueneme Division (PHD), Naval Surface Warfare Center is developing a diagnostic expert system for troubleshooting casualties in the MK 92 MOD 2 fire control system deployed in US Navy Oliver Hazard class (FFG-7) guided missile frigates. The high turnover rate of student developers and the frequency with which changes are made to the expert system have highlighted a need for controlling the change process and the management of resources applied to implementing those changes to the expert system's knowledge base and software. This thesis develops a configuration management plan for the MK92 Maintenance Advisor Expert System (MK92 MAES) to assist object members in the management of changes to software and domain knowledge. The concept of configuration management is examined in detail with specific emphasis on the challenges of its implementation to expert systems. Two automated configuration management tools, CCC/Manager and PVCS Version Control, are evaluated for suitability for application in an expert system development environment. Finally, specific recommendations are presented for establishing a configuration management process for MK92 MAES project.; U.S. Navy (U.S.N.) author.