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Here’s an IDEA: The Bali Democracy Forum and The Global Movement of Moderates as they Relate to IDEA’s Strategy and Vision

Straughair, Louise
Fonte: Universidade Nacional da Austrália Publicador: Universidade Nacional da Austrália
Tipo: Relatório
Relevância na Pesquisa
The purpose of this report was to assess two initiatives, the Bali Democracy Forum and the Global Movement of Moderates as they relate to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance’s mission and strategy for 2012-2017. The Asia-Pacific region remains a major area of interest for IDEA and IDEA is constantly looking for new opportunities for engagement to help build sustainable democracy within nations. The report primarily draws on documents from the Bali Democracy Forum (BDF), the Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) as well as publications from IDEA. It also involved conducting a limited number of informal interviews with the few people who had knowledge of the BDF and in particular the GMM. The report found the BDF and GMM’s goals, objectives and activities fit in with IDEA’s strategy and mission. The Bali Democracy Forum is seen as innovative, inclusive and credible, garnering significant international support. Whilst the BDF is internationally applauded, it is limited in promoting democratic change because it is a forum rather than an organisation. There is more scope to work with the Institute of Peace and Democracy however; IDEA’s relationship with the IPD has thus far been tumultuous. From the limited amount of information available...