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Two-phase soil study: A. Finite strain consolidation, B. Centrifuge scaling considerations

Tan, Thiam-Soon
Fonte: California Institute of Technology Publicador: California Institute of Technology
Tipo: Report or Paper; PeerReviewed Formato: application/pdf
Publicado em 01/01/1985
Relevância na Pesquisa
Two different aspects of the behavior of soil as a two-phase medium are studied, namely, the consolidation of soil and scaling relations for soils in centrifuge testing. PART A -- First a consistent approach is presented that unifies all current theories of consolidation of soil. For one-dimensional finite strain consolidation, a Lagrangian finite element scheme is then given and tested against three different experiments and found to give consistent results. For a quick solution to a particular problem, the regular perturbation method applied to the formulation in which the dependent variable is the natural strain is shown to give the most consistent results. For the Eulerian formulation, the material derivative contains a convective term. This convective effect is then analytically studied and found not to be negligible for a final natural strain greater than 10%. A method is then introduced that can account for both the moving boundary and the convective effect. This method is tested in a finite difference scheme and found to give identical results with the Lagrangian finite element scheme for the one-dimensional case. Finally the method is used for the axisymmetric problem of consolidation by vertical drain. The solution to this case suggests that arching and subsequent load redistribution should be considered. PART B -- Conceptually...